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Document Retrieval Search is a search for any specific document in the public records. This may be ordered by providing us with the “book and page number” for a specific document, or by providing another sufficient description of the specific document requested, including the office in which the document is recorded. You will receive a copy of the document requested, if found, or a report of “no find” if the document doesn’t exist of record.


Local Lien Search is a search of UCC, State and Federal Tax Liens and Judgment Liens on an individual or company, of record in the Register of Deeds Office at the county level. Please note that this does not include a search of the civil courts.


Court Research is a search of county level civil courts. Because the court structure in different counties can vary slightly, this is a highly customizable search, and may either constitute a search for a specific case, or a date-range search for judgments against a particular individual or company. Because the nature of these searches varies widely, we require detailed information about the information and copies requested at the time of the order.


Courts searches may include:

  • Probate Court (sometimes included with Chancery Court)

  • Circuit Court (Court of General Jurisdiction for Civil Cases; may include Divorce cases)

  • Chancery Court (Upper Court; Equity Court for Civil Cases; may include Divorce or Probate cases)

  • General Sessions Court (Lower Court; Small claims)

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